Senecio Radican 'String of Bananas' - 13cm - Happy Roots

About Us 🪴

Welcome to Happy Roots, a cosy space nestled in the heart of Eden Terrace, Auckland, where you'll discover a curated selection of lush, easy-to-care-for plants. Each plant is handpicked to add a warm, inviting touch to your living spaces, turning your house into a home.

Hello there! 👋

I'm Steven, a digital marketing veteran turned plant enthusiast.

After a decade in the digital world, I found my calling in the cosy universe of indoor plants.

As someone who's navigated anxiety, I've infused Happy Roots with a sense of cosy calmness.

We're not just a plant store – we're a refuge that opens its doors every Saturday, promising a nurturing adventure.

Hoya 'Bright One' - 13cm - Happy Roots

We're also committed to making an impact beyond our store walls.

So for every plant you take home, we plant a native tree in New Zealand, making your purchase a contribution to our shared environment.

Monstera Deliciosa - 13cm - Happy Roots

Feel free to take a peek behind the curtain as I share the joys and challenges of running a plant shop, accompanied by a treasure trove of plant content to nurture your inner botanist.

Join us on this journey and let's grow together, one leaf at a time.

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